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Stained Glass News


Stained Glass News

a full-color newspaper which has been dedicated to informing, entertaining and inspiring stained glass hobbyists for over 22 years.

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The Association of Stained Glass Lamp Artists


The Association of
Stained Glass Lamp Artists

is a non-profit organization registered in the state of Washington. Its purpose is to perpetuate, improve, and promote the art and craft of stained glass lamp construction.

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Glass Patterns Quarterly

glass-patternsGlass Patterns Quarterly

is the leading international Glass Patterns Magazine. We feature stained glass patterns for all levels of expertise and offer step-by-step instructions including an introductory to stained glass. Instructions for all types of glass methods are offered including beadmaking, glass etching, fusing, copper foil, lead, beveling, slumping, painting,
overlay techniques and more.

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Chantel's Stained Glass Patterns


Chantel’s Stained Glass Patterns

Free and low priced stained glass patterns including panels, suncatchers, lamps and other patterns

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Spectrum Glass Company


Spectrum Glass Company

Primarily sheet glass, our products include hundreds of colors, variegated mixes, innovative textures, coatings and special effects. Our trademarks include the popular Waterglass®, Baroque™, Artíque® and System 96® brands.

Search for free patterns, finished artwork examples, and of course, our beautiful glass!

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Kokomo Stained Glass


About Kokomo Opalescent Glass

Kokomo Opalescent Glass is a manufacturer of colored glass for art and architecture with worldwide distribution and a strong commitment to research, education, and promoting sheet glass art.

Based in Kokomo, Indiana for 125 years, we are known worldwide for our hand mixed sheet glass art and colored glass.

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Uroboros Stained Glass

uroborosUroboros Stained Glass

We make Art Glass in more than 150 sophisticated color combinations available in over a dozen styles and textures. We also make a wide range of colored fusible glass products in several tightly controlled expansion points – including System 96®, FX90, many Artista colors, and 104 (compatible to Effetre).

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Youghiogheny Opalescent Glass Co.


Youghiogheny Opalescent Glass Co.

World renowned for uncompromising quality, stained glass artists have turned to the Youghiogheny Opalescent Glass Co. time and again for its color artistry born of technology, to recreate the magnificence of nature’s palette for infusion into their unique creations.

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