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In addition to being a working studio, we offer to share our knowledge with you so you can have the same enjoyment we do from building glass art. We have structured the class offerings at Legacy Glass Art to offer you the maximum time flexibility and still be able to be sure you receive one-on-one instruction.

Classes are offered on Wednesday 11:00 am to 2:00pm and 6:00pm to 9:00pm and on Saturday from 1:00 to 4:00. Call or come in and reserve your space in one of these class times and you will be able to customize your class for your schedule!

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TWO classes. Meant as a 'try it to see if you like it' class, this is a beginning class where we use the foil method of construction. In this class you will learn how to cut, grind, foil, and solder glass components. In two classes you will complete a window "suncatcher". We usually have a couple patterns to choose from and away you go! All the necessary materials are included along with the use of classroom tools.


SIX classes. This class is also for beginners. You will learn all the steps from start to finish to make a quality panel approximately 14" x 18" . You will choose from class patterns so you can focus on the skills, not designing this first panel. Cost is for instruction: materials & glass are extra. You will need to purchase your own glass and 'consumable' materials, but use of grinder & soldering irons and tools are provided. That way, you have a chance to try different types of tools. We want to be sure you can decide what suits you best before you buy your own (and your own tools always feel best - like your own pair of shoes) ! We will take you from pattern choice through glass cutting, foiling methods, soldering, metal framing & finishing your piece. You will have the skills to take on your next project successfully!

FOIL TOOLS : from $ 150 (depending on selections) :

  • soldering iron, stand, rheostat & sponge
  • glass cutter
  • safety glasses
  • grozing stone
  • running pliers or glassnapper
  • foil pattern shears
  • fid, pencil & sharpie
  • breaker / grozer, medium


  • Glass for your project Copper foil
  • Flux and solder
  • Exterior came and hangers


FIVE classes. We ask that you have experience with a good number of foil projects and have good cutting skills to be ready to add lead came to your list of skills We will cover all aspects from design, construction techniques & planning to reinforcement and final puttying. You will be able to choose an existing pattern or design your own within practical size limitations. You will need to plan for homework depending on the complexity of your pattern. You will need your own tools from foil construction plus a few that are specifically for lead came. Cost is for instruction. Tools, materials & glass are extra.

You will need the items in the foil kit, as above, plus:

  • lead dykes
  • came fid
  • lead pattern shears
  • glazer's hammer & nails



This is a 1 1/2 to 2 HOUR workshop for those that wish to improve the looks of their soldering. We will observe your technique and give you ideas to add speed and smoothness. Bring your supplies & iron and a current project to work on.


This 1 1/2 to 2 HOUR workshop is specifically for those who only want to do mosaics or other crafts. You will learn to cut glass strips and gentle curves with or without a pattern in a one-on-one session. No tools are needed, but you may want to purchase your own glass cutter.

Check out our Blog for Upcoming Classes
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Check our Calendar for
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